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The Final Ocarina of Time 2D Project - Ichor Studios - Ichor Studios - Play Games, Listen to Podcasts, Read Webcomics, Socialise! Powered by the Blood of Gods, find only the best games, podcasts, and webcomics around! We were founded by a group of small creators that wanted one thing - to make their mark in the creative space using their variety of skills.The Final Ocarina of Time 2D Project - Ichor Studios Our founder and CEO Josh Reaver has been working in IT for 10 years but making podcasts, videos, and artwork on the side for much longer. This was his true passion which is why he created Ichor Studios.The Final Ocarina of Time 2D Project - Ichor Studios

Our CEO Josh Reaver started working on a free to play 2D demake of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The original game was something he had held in high regard and so being the person to finally demake it fully was something they thought they had to do. Josh has become the person who primarily codes for the projects and has some very big ideas for game projects which he is fleshing out in his spare time.

Andrew Whitton is the eldest of the three brothers involved in Ichor Studios and is very a very skilled 2D and 3D artist. He has created numerous comic series which we will be showcasing on the site. His goal is to create a 3D platformer that pays homage to oldschool retro games like Sonic the Hedgehog and RocketKnight Adventures called Spyne the Punkupine.

Working together we have accomplished a lot more than we thought we could in the short time we have had, which only gets us more excited and more pumped up for the future of Ichor Studios.

In the pipeline we have 27 games, 12 podcasts, and 8 comics. We have massive expansion plans for 2023 once we have our footing and a solid userbase and we will giving exclusive access to game demo's and content for everyone that helps bring more people to the platform. Ichor Studios is based on a standard social networking template, you can add friends, share news, post content and interact with anyone else who is signed up. We want to bring more socialisation to the space and we want to encourage our users to work with us to make even more engaging content, meaning anyone can become an Ichor Studios Developer or Artist, you just have to reach out!

We have tons of new trailers and content being posted daily and if you have any questions you can go to and we will get back to you ASAP. Engaging with our userbase is incredibly important to us and we want to always be as transparent as possible, we want to do things differently to everyone else and stop the bullshit.

You should check out our Podcasts, Josh Reaver heads up most of them and delves into his own life experiences or weird brain moments and shares it with the world. He is looking for people to interview so be sure to reach out and guest star on the show.

In additional to all of this amazing stuff we have also tied all of the game leaderboards to your Ichor Studios login ID so you will always show on leaderboards with your chosen username and nobody will be able to steal it, isn't that fantastic! We just want you to have the best user experience possible and so we accept feedback with open arms.

But being in such a saturated market we need your help, most people ask for donations and we are no different except to be honest we would much prefer you share our content and our site over other social media and with your friends instead of donating as more people coming in and experiencing our content is so much more valuable to us. Share our comics, our Podcasts, our Games, and we will be eternally grateful.

Finally please enjoy yourselves, have as much fun as possible and if you have any suggestions let us know, we want to know your game ideas. We want to know if you have been working on a comic and want to host it with us and whats even better? We will host it for free and link it to your other socials and give you your own donation button so if anyone wants to donate to you as the content creator they know they will be donating to your directly and you get 100% of it. Our whole business model revolves around trying to get as many people into the creative space as possible in a meaningful way. If you can create content get in touch and speak to our CEO Josh Reaver, even if you just want to find out more he is always available to talk and email. You can also join our discord for more news and the opportunity to chat with other Ichor Studios users including the people who work here!

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It is very simple, use the directional keys or WASD on your keyboard to move, and use the spacebar to perform actions such as opening chests, speaking to the owner, and using doors!


This is the page where all of our latest OOT2D demos will be posted. The latest demo is our 'Treasure Chest Mini-Game' and gives you a taste of what our version of OOT2D will be like. Obviously this is an early build and is just for fun to give our fans a challenge whilst they wait on a proper release. Try your best to get to the secret prize at the end.

If you manage to complete the demo or just want to ask or tell us something please get in touch! If you do complete this demo send us a screenshot of the secret prize and we will add you onto our early access list for the next demo which we are currently working on! Please share on social media and make sure to link to our site

Happy gaming guys!


Will it be on console?
No is the most likely answer, not unless we had explicit approval from Nintendo.
Is there another demo? 
Not yet but there will be soon, keep an eye on this page and our social media for more info.
How can I play it?
All demos and the full release will be playable as a web-based game hosted here on our website.
How much will it cost?
Nothing! It is a fanmade game and will be completely free so long as we are hosting it here.
When will it be completed?
There is only two of us working on this project, and only one of us is doing the artwork so it may take some time as this is a passion project that we do in our spare time but we will continue to update the site with any projections we have.
How can I help?
All we ask of our fans is to engage with our content and liking and sharing what we are doing.
I have more questions!
Just click "Contact" button and drop us an email asking us anything you like!

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