About Ichor Studios

Ichor Studios was founded by two brothers who were tired of working for someone else and not making the most of their skills. They wanted to be content creators and although they dabbled in streaming and blogging they knew that it was game creation that was really calling out to them. When Josh was 12 years old he downloaded GameMaker and spent hours and hours working on little silly projects but found that his aptitude for coding was subpar and it wasn't enjoyable. Over the years he and Harry got jobs to pay the bills but would constantly come up with ideas that would facilitate them working for themselves. In 2020 after Harry had become an excellent self taught coder they had another one of these discussions and made the decision to make a free to play fanmade remake of Ocarina of Time in 2D. It gave them a chance to work on their own artstyle and get some real experience in the industry to get them ready for their first story driven original game "The Delicious Prince".

The Team
  • Josh Profile Image
    Lead Artist - Josh Reaver

    Josh has been working in the IT industry since 2012 and after many years of being interested in game design has finally taken the plunge and began working on our Ocarina of Time 2D remake. Josh knew he was no good at coding as it didn't come naturally to him so he kept putting everything off until he could find someone to code that had the same sorts of ideas as he did. He can't wait to get started on more original ideas and is excited to share them with the world. Specifically his online dungeon crawler which he has been planning for many years. "My idea will have a gameplay dynamic that I've not seen in any other game of its type, very exciting stuff!".

    In 2014 Josh worked on a different version of the OOT2D project for several months. The team he worked with eventually abandoned the project for their own reasons but Josh has always said he would be the one to finally finish the idea.  

  • Harry Profile Image
    Lead Programmer - Harry Sutton

    Harry has been working in the IT industry since 2017 and decided to teach himself how to code one day. When he realised he had an affinity for it he decided to try and make games for a living but he knew he sucked at art. He worked on some small things with one of his older brothers who was looking to make games too. They released a purposefully annoying balloon game called "Bloon" where you play as a screaming balloon that is floating up into the sky, needing to dodge debris falling from above.

    Harry has come up with some very interesting ideas since starting his game creation journey and is very excited to bring them to life.